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Late Merry New Year


Okay, first post, kinda awkward… I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing eventually, but for now just bear with me. Intro: I love chocolates, boots (hence the website name), books, photography, art and clothes in general. I’m a fourteen-year-old proud Filipina and this is my blog 🙂

Okay, to start, late merry new year! How was yours? Mine was fun. There were exchange gifts, magic wands with the fiery stuff at the end, horror movies, and of course, fireworks! I almost died setting them up but still awesome. Everyone was so happy and my family’s colour is yellow. You see, we have this thing wherein each family in our family has to wear a different colour according to what they picked randomly from a box. Anyway, mine’s yellow, see?


Everything BAYO except shoes

Pardon the dull expression, not used to outfit posts yet so I didn’t know how to look. Here are some pictures of my family during the exchange gifts:

There isn’t really much to type about my new year’s, other than the fact I wasn’t able to eat any of the chocolate cake because they ate it all -_- Oh wait! During the fountain fireworks I caught this:


Awesome, right? It’s a sign from the gods! The llamas will be saved!

That’s all for today! Byyyyeeeeeeeeeee

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