A Title

I couldn’t really think of a title for this post so… yah. What do people write in blogs anyway? Do what they write have to be relevant to the picture/s? Do they ever feel dumb cuz they’re kinda talking to themselves? Aw man, I’m blabbing… Eh, whatever. I’ll just write my posts like a diary entry…

So nothing really happened today. Helped my little sis with her homework, slept, watched Supernatural (awesome series, by the way) in my PJs, ate chocolate and so on. Whenever I tried to get up and do something productive I ended up lying back down again and thinking “Nah~ Maybe later…” Which ended up in me doing absolutely nothing. Anyway, it was really sunny today which made me wish for a bit of rain, which led to me posting this: (cuz the pics were taken after it rained. I love the rain)






You know I’ve had that bag for like 5 to 6 years and was never able to use it? Sad, no? (don’t answer that). Anyway! When the bag is opened…


Tada! Stuff appears! A-MAY-ZING! Man, I sound sarcastic. Even in my head! See that pen? With the mustache? That pen has served me well. It’s out of ink now. R.I.P. guys. R.I.P. Now, what’s with the leaf? Well, it’s not just for added drama, it’s also a souvenir from when my family went abroad. Lots of fun too. How bout ya’ll? Any trips? Fabulous places? Clothes? Cool leaves…?


Dress: It Girl, Glasses: HUMAN

That’s about it. Adios!

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