“Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda.” ~Rizal song quote.

I’m unsure whether I should write this in tagalog or english…

I have decided to stick with english for better understanding. I love that quote. But the funny thing about what people say Rizal said is that, though I like the quote, he originally wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo in Spanish (or at least that’s what Wikipedia and other websites say, then again, don’t always believe what you read). But just because he wrote them in Spanish, it does not mean that he doesn’t love his culture, right? And he wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t love his culture. Anyway! I chose that quote because I really like Rizal’s quotes, ‘just happen to be in’ songs, stories (with endings that suck). Realistic, but still suck-ish. I mean come on! I get that that was the situation in the olden days but, seriously?! I also know that he wrote that to raise the awareness of the Filipinos and stuff but, GAH! Just read the books and you’d understand my pain. He has an amusing sense of humour though. I really like Elias, he’s kinda like James Bond. Dona Consolacion and Dona Victorina are funny too.

Back to original topic! The quote is really cool, and I love Filipino culture which lead me and my family to visit Luneta Park. A historical site wherein Rizal was buried, and the place was also made to honor our National Hero. Another funny thing is that, though a person is from whatever country, said person never actually visit their historical landmarks. Tourists do, but the natives don’t unless it’s their job, or they’re on a field trip, passing through to get somewhere etc. I’m not saying this about everyone because I know a lot of natives that frequently visit their historical landmarks, I just also know a lot of others who don’t. Then again, it really depends on the person and their schedule, because I also know a lot of people who wish to visit their country’s historical landmarks but can’t due to hectic schedules, no time, etc. Here are some pics. of Rizal Park:

Me and my siblings: Bianca, Wakin, Me and Kuya Lucas


There was this really long bridge there and I think there were a lot of fishes but I couldn’t spot any at the time.





‘Sweet’ life of Red the M&M

IMG_3361 Oh! I recently attended my school field trip. It was a lot of fun, even if I slept for most of the bus rides. We went hiking, trekking through bamboo caves (it’s really just bamboo shaped to form really cool passages), kayaking (some people fell in the water) and go carting. A friend of mine took these pictures while I was waiting for the others to climb the rock wall. I would have posted my own pics but I didn’t have a camera 😛 IMG_3768 IMG_3767 The trip was in Antipolo. Wonderful place, very clean and… nature-y? Okay, I’m done ranting and posting photos of myself so yay! No more me! Bye!

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