You know… Stuff

Whenever I’m some place else with no access to the internet, I always come up with stuff to write here and then immediately forget it when I actually have access to the internet.

It’s annoying.

For instance, just yesterday me and my family were in a car and I thought of something (can’t remember it now) and I told myself, “I should remember what I’m thinking right now. But I’d probably forget this when I have my ipad… I can remember it this time though! Come on Tia! REMEMBER” I thought of the word ‘remember’ in Mufasa’s voice so I ended up thinking of Lion King which eventually lead to me forgetting what I was previously thinking (fail).

And if I do remember, I end up staring at the screen trying to put it into words.

My attention span isn’t very long but I can probably remember whatever if I really tried, just like every other person on this planet. The problem is, not very many people like memorizing (me included).


Dress: Nautilus, slippers: Krooberg, hat: A small store found on a roadtrip to Daet. A person’ll be surprised at the cool things one can find in random stores (never underestimate random stores, most of the time they have surprisingly good quality products), belt/necklace/whatever you wish to call it: I can’t really remember… On another note, I remember getting it on sale. Yay, SALE! Another thing, when you find a nice reasonably priced thing on sale, buy it or someone else will. If you don’t, it will haunt you till you die (or at least it haunts me, I dunno bout you).

These photos were also taken at my dad’s farm. The belt I used for this outfit is also the necklace/bracelet I used for the previous post. I can’t seem to upload the photo of the necklace/belt thing so just look at the previous post to see it.

I’m done talking, adieu! 😄

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