Stree—AIRPORT Style, Graduations and Local Wonders

I promised myself I’d post at least once this week soooo…

I realized two things this week:

1) I’m not good at keeping promises but I try my best to keep them.

2) When placing newspapers/magazines in a bag to keep its form, wrap the newspapers/magazines in plastic first to avoid staining the inside of the bag with finance tips and celebrity gossip.

I love people-watchi—

(Other me) *Ew, creepeeeeeeeeeeeeer

Okay, let me be more specific. I like looking at what they’re wearing.

*Still creepy…


Anyway! The problem with watching people on the street is that, since the weather in the Philippines consists of sunny, rainy, sunnier and rainier, the clothes end up being t-shirts, shorts, leggings, slippers etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I love the weather here! I just wish I could wear trench coats without sweating. As I was saying, I like street watching but I love airport watching even more. They wear the most interesting clothes since the circumstances are different and where they are from, or are going to, affect their style. They’re preparing for cold weather, warm weather, something in between… For instance, one time I saw one girl wearing a short, leopard print dress with a thin, hot pink trench coat and another girl wearing pink floral pants, black boots, loose baby pink shirt and this eccentric blue headband, and this other girl was wearing a red dress with white polka dots and emerald green shoes. If I could go to the airport at will, I’d probably be there all the time just to see what the peeps are wearing. But the boring me, prefers these when we travel 😛 It can get too cold inside the plane and I hate the feeling of the upholstered seat against my skin. If only I can wear PJs… 😛


  Shoes: crocs, joggers: MANGO, shirt: PLAINS & PRINTS

This was taken on my little bro’s graduation day (Congratz little man! *starts crying* You’re growing up so fast! 😭😂😭😂😜) so the family ate at Project Pie.  Sort of wore the same get up when we flew to Dumaguete.

Shoes: Keds (Taylor Swift! Wohoooo!), joggers: MANGO.

This was in Dumaguete, me and my family were on the way to the airport. In Dumaguete, there were thousand year old caves that shone with natural glitter, huge, surprisingly smooth (I’m actually not allowed to touch it so I know this by accident) whale sharks in Cebu (the island next to Dumaguete), and waterfalls that looked like it could reach the stars! In Dumaguete there was also a lake, the color is difficult to describe but it was beautiful. Sadly, I don’t have access to the photos yet so I can’t post it 😦 Oh, there was another lake, so still, it was eerie. Around the middle of the lake grew trees with branches that looked like upside down roots with leaves growing here and there.

That’s all for now, byezzzz!!! 😄

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