Those days of Nothing. 

There are those days when one just does nothing.

On those days I normally lie on my bed with music playing in the background whilst thinking. Just thinking.

But for some reason, I always have this weird gut feeling to wear long flowy skirts (and sometimes joggers) on those days. Now I don’t know about you guys, since I know some people dislike skirts and glitter whilst others dislike old music and the color black, but I love skirts. Especially the flowy ones. They make me feel like a 60’s bohemian punk princess. Then again, it’s not just the skirt that makes me feel that way. It also depends on the top, accessories etc. If I went all black I’d probably feel like the goth queen of the moon (which would rock! I’d be like Queen Elsa). Anyway, I especially like it when I sit down and the billowing mess of fabric and thread surround me. It reminds me of the newly fallen snow I see on TV. Or tent forts, depends on the skirt I’m wearing. 

By the way, I find glitter to be fascinating. I don’t use them that much but there’s just something about the sparkling pieces of shredded confetti paper that I find pretty cool. 


  The skirt reminds me a bit of Avatar Aang’s airbending.😜

  Glasses: A Beatles shop somewhere (The Beatles create great music), Skirt: mum made it (She is absolutely amazing! Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mum and other mums everywhere! 😄😄😄) Oxfords: Shoebox, Top: PULL&BEAR. 

That’s it for today! Adios! 😄



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