Late Happy Independence Day And School Beginnings


Personal log, Stardate 61815.957.

It has been approximately 9 days, 16 hours, 18 minutes, and 45 seconds since the school occupation started.

We have entered a covert district in the science sector on a most crytical mission to initiate new members for the summer rebellion. I am unsure if we will succeed in the revolution but I refuse to be lead by the school for much longer. They have already taken over the frontal and temporal lobe, I do not believe the occipital will hold much longer.

Personal log, supplemental. We are cautiously preparing the arsenal two days after being informed that the school and the summer revolutionaries established a truce. Under its terms, the captain and his main crew have been exiled. Before the captain left, he designated me to prepare the forces and arsenal, he told us to stay low and hidden from the school or we risk being captured by the teachers. 


That was based on 1/4 of the story of independence.

To honour Independence Day;



1) The fabric you wrap around your shoulders is called a panuelo.

2) Tuck the panuelo with the brooch to secure it in place.

That’s about it, hopefully I’ll post the rest of the Independence Day story tomorrow or within this week.

Paalam! 😄

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