Sewing pt. 1

I’m learning how to sew. And let me tell you, it’s harder than it seems. The good news is — it becomes easier and more fun through time 😄 I had a lot of fails and I want others to learn from my mistakes, so here are some of my realizations aka my shunga moments 😜

1) Learn the basic parts of the sewing machine. Figure out what they do, what they look like, etc. Learn to use the machine first before buying a lot of materials. Don’t get all excited.

Example: There are these things called ‘attachments’. Attachments normally include a bobbin case, a bobbin winder, a presser foot and a needle. They do not always come with the machine. Sometimes, you have to provide it. And before buying an attachment, or any part for that matter, make sure you know what the attachment/part looks like first or else you’ll end up buying two of the same item.

2) Don’t base the meaning of a word on the word. For example, you’re supposed to bring a presser foot. The presser foot is NOT the thing below the machine that you press with your foot, it’s the small item close to the needle. Trust me, guessing gets you nowhere.

3) Listen to your gut and listen! ….. To the sound of the machine….. It is NOT supposed to roar, just a soft hrrrrmmmmmm … Hrrrrmmmn… Hrmmmn. NOT HRRRRRRMMMRRRNNNRRRRRRRRRR!!!

4) In order to make the thread change course, raise the presser foot.

5) To connect the two threads (bobbin thread and needle thread, as I like to call it) easily, gently step on the pedal to make the spinning of the wheel smoother.

*Hehe… Spent three hours acquiring bruises because the wheel was difficult to move…

Don’t forget to turn the sewing machine off. ❗️Warning❗️ Even if the machine is off, some power is left so be careful not to accidentally step on the pedal and hurt yourself.

By the way, it’s easier and less dangerous to sew in pants, hence:

img_4413-0Pants and belt: BAYO (the belt came with a different outfit, I also use it as a headband. Never forget the accessories that come with an outfit! They can have other uses and they don’t have to be just for that outfit), Bag: COACH, Top: iheartmatilda


Harem: Blush, shoes: rubi Shoes: shoebox, pants: denim

Okay, this post is getting longer by the minute and I’m probably boring you so I’ll just type my other realizations some other day.

Remember, sewing gets easier in time, not the first time.


P.S. – Shunga means idiot in tagalog.

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