Trends and Influencers (-ing me?) 2020

So for one of my classes in Uni, I need to make a blog about my current inspirations and trends so I figure, why make a new one?


Studio Ghibli, When Harry Met Sally, Princess Diaries, Princess Bride (🤷‍♀️ I was am into princesses), Tadhana, Hintayan Ng Langit, About Time.

Probably the most iconic romcom of all time. Meg Ryan made shoulder pads and big hair look classy and was one of the main reasons these trends didn’t completely die out in the 90s.
“Where do broken hearts go nga ba talaga Tita Whitney?”
Modern day love story. Short and sweet with accurate costumes.
A shout-out to the love of our parents and grandparents, the sacrifices they gave. Also, beautifully executed, cohesive. Reminiscent of the Philippines before the almost irreversible destruction of our resources.

In terms of fashion, Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City are great films because they are like the PR of the fashion industry, they deal with what is universally accepted as beautiful by the masses rather than creation or personal aesthetic that design/merchandising usually deals with.


Not really into following specific artists anymore but rather movie/show soundtracks (Can I just say, HIMYM), Youtube and Spotify recommendations so: *insert playlist and album covers* one of my most loved songs however regarding fashion is Suddenly I See from KT Tunstall during the intro of Devil Wears Prada.

Because the song to me, encompasses why I want to be in fashion and it shows how amazing women are. It is also really upbeat, good accompaniment.


I don’t want to say a designer influenced me because that’s saying that they influenced me which is scary given I want to develop my own taste but here are designers I love and who greatly impacted fashion/the industry they work in:

“The Chameleon of the Fashion World”
Emilio Pucci was the kingpin of textile reinvention and beautiful prints in the fifties and sixties. His designs revolutionized the world of fashion by introducing a vibrancy that kicked out the drab and heavy fabrics of the time. Developing an ‘organic following’ almost unheard of then.


Artefino, the valera exhibit from 7 million years ago still burned in my brain, Ternocon 2020 (was beautiful), etc.

Our greatest name in Philippine fashion is Ramon Valera but new names are in the making and they are coming up with trend after trend such as the cropped terno top:

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