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There was no epiphany for her, no ‘shining moment of clarity’ wherein she realised she wanted to pursue a career in art. It was more of a gradual realization that blossomed with each Math test and English essay she had to write.

Here’s her attempt journey to pursue that realization.

Late Happy Independence Day And School Beginnings


Personal log, Stardate 61815.957.

It has been approximately 9 days, 16 hours, 18 minutes, and 45 seconds since the school occupation started.

We have entered a covert district in the science sector on a most crytical mission to initiate new members for the summer rebellion. I am unsure if we will succeed in the revolution but I refuse to be lead by the school for much longer. They have already taken over the frontal and temporal lobe, I do not believe the occipital will hold much longer.

Personal log, supplemental. We are cautiously preparing the arsenal two days after being informed that the school and the summer revolutionaries established a truce. Under its terms, the captain and his main crew have been exiled. Before the captain left, he designated me to prepare the forces and arsenal, he told us to stay low and hidden from the school or we risk being captured by the teachers. 


That was based on 1/4 of the story of independence.

To honour Independence Day;



1) The fabric you wrap around your shoulders is called a panuelo.

2) Tuck the panuelo with the brooch to secure it in place.

That’s about it, hopefully I’ll post the rest of the Independence Day story tomorrow or within this week.

Paalam! 😄

Those days of Nothing. 

There are those days when one just does nothing.

On those days I normally lie on my bed with music playing in the background whilst thinking. Just thinking.

But for some reason, I always have this weird gut feeling to wear long flowy skirts (and sometimes joggers) on those days. Now I don’t know about you guys, since I know some people dislike skirts and glitter whilst others dislike old music and the color black, but I love skirts. Especially the flowy ones. They make me feel like a 60’s bohemian punk princess. Then again, it’s not just the skirt that makes me feel that way. It also depends on the top, accessories etc. If I went all black I’d probably feel like the goth queen of the moon (which would rock! I’d be like Queen Elsa). Anyway, I especially like it when I sit down and the billowing mess of fabric and thread surround me. It reminds me of the newly fallen snow I see on TV. Or tent forts, depends on the skirt I’m wearing. 

By the way, I find glitter to be fascinating. I don’t use them that much but there’s just something about the sparkling pieces of shredded confetti paper that I find pretty cool. 


  The skirt reminds me a bit of Avatar Aang’s airbending.😜

  Glasses: A Beatles shop somewhere (The Beatles create great music), Skirt: mum made it (She is absolutely amazing! Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mum and other mums everywhere! 😄😄😄) Oxfords: Shoebox, Top: PULL&BEAR. 

That’s it for today! Adios! 😄



Stree—AIRPORT Style, Graduations and Local Wonders

I promised myself I’d post at least once this week soooo…

I realized two things this week:

1) I’m not good at keeping promises but I try my best to keep them.

2) When placing newspapers/magazines in a bag to keep its form, wrap the newspapers/magazines in plastic first to avoid staining the inside of the bag with finance tips and celebrity gossip.

I love people-watchi—

(Other me) *Ew, creepeeeeeeeeeeeeer

Okay, let me be more specific. I like looking at what they’re wearing.

*Still creepy…


Anyway! The problem with watching people on the street is that, since the weather in the Philippines consists of sunny, rainy, sunnier and rainier, the clothes end up being t-shirts, shorts, leggings, slippers etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I love the weather here! I just wish I could wear trench coats without sweating. As I was saying, I like street watching but I love airport watching even more. They wear the most interesting clothes since the circumstances are different and where they are from, or are going to, affect their style. They’re preparing for cold weather, warm weather, something in between… For instance, one time I saw one girl wearing a short, leopard print dress with a thin, hot pink trench coat and another girl wearing pink floral pants, black boots, loose baby pink shirt and this eccentric blue headband, and this other girl was wearing a red dress with white polka dots and emerald green shoes. If I could go to the airport at will, I’d probably be there all the time just to see what the peeps are wearing. But the boring me, prefers these when we travel 😛 It can get too cold inside the plane and I hate the feeling of the upholstered seat against my skin. If only I can wear PJs… 😛


  Shoes: crocs, joggers: MANGO, shirt: PLAINS & PRINTS

This was taken on my little bro’s graduation day (Congratz little man! *starts crying* You’re growing up so fast! 😭😂😭😂😜) so the family ate at Project Pie.  Sort of wore the same get up when we flew to Dumaguete.

Shoes: Keds (Taylor Swift! Wohoooo!), joggers: MANGO.

This was in Dumaguete, me and my family were on the way to the airport. In Dumaguete, there were thousand year old caves that shone with natural glitter, huge, surprisingly smooth (I’m actually not allowed to touch it so I know this by accident) whale sharks in Cebu (the island next to Dumaguete), and waterfalls that looked like it could reach the stars! In Dumaguete there was also a lake, the color is difficult to describe but it was beautiful. Sadly, I don’t have access to the photos yet so I can’t post it 😦 Oh, there was another lake, so still, it was eerie. Around the middle of the lake grew trees with branches that looked like upside down roots with leaves growing here and there.

That’s all for now, byezzzz!!! 😄

You know… Stuff

Whenever I’m some place else with no access to the internet, I always come up with stuff to write here and then immediately forget it when I actually have access to the internet.

It’s annoying.

For instance, just yesterday me and my family were in a car and I thought of something (can’t remember it now) and I told myself, “I should remember what I’m thinking right now. But I’d probably forget this when I have my ipad… I can remember it this time though! Come on Tia! REMEMBER” I thought of the word ‘remember’ in Mufasa’s voice so I ended up thinking of Lion King which eventually lead to me forgetting what I was previously thinking (fail).

And if I do remember, I end up staring at the screen trying to put it into words.

My attention span isn’t very long but I can probably remember whatever if I really tried, just like every other person on this planet. The problem is, not very many people like memorizing (me included).


Dress: Nautilus, slippers: Krooberg, hat: A small store found on a roadtrip to Daet. A person’ll be surprised at the cool things one can find in random stores (never underestimate random stores, most of the time they have surprisingly good quality products), belt/necklace/whatever you wish to call it: I can’t really remember… On another note, I remember getting it on sale. Yay, SALE! Another thing, when you find a nice reasonably priced thing on sale, buy it or someone else will. If you don’t, it will haunt you till you die (or at least it haunts me, I dunno bout you).

These photos were also taken at my dad’s farm. The belt I used for this outfit is also the necklace/bracelet I used for the previous post. I can’t seem to upload the photo of the necklace/belt thing so just look at the previous post to see it.

I’m done talking, adieu! 😄


My… It feels so surreal….




Yup. Still surreal.


It’s Summeeer! -Olaf


I can’t believe it.


Still processing…


What time is it? Summer time! -High School Musical


I’m so happy…


No more projects! Yay! I will now dedicate my time to this blog and hopefully post more often. To celebrate summer time…



First: I got this necklace, bracelet, belt thing on sale. Second: Ain’t it pweeety? Third: The watch is a graduation gift from my mum two years ago. I love it.






Top: True Love, Shorts: maldita

This is my dad’s shrimp farm in Batangas. Wonderful place. The people are friendly and the shrimp taste great.

Well, that concludes this post.