Swimsuit 1/2


Tbh, I looked up so many swimsuits but I ended up adjusting the pattern and changing some details of a swimsuit I already had because the fit was good.

Flatlays / Printmaking

In this version I’ve already made the prints but you should actually start off with the plain tech sketch then the actual patterns and grading. Then scale the patterns digitally before you make the prints. Esp if the prints you’re making are figures/art like Sandra Dee. If you don’t, if you start off with the prints you’ll end up rescaling your work and possible deforming it.

Luckily for me, this is a swimsuit so the patterns are fairly simple– it’s stretch which is a pain but sublimation-wise it’s good.

I also suggest separating them into elements so that when you scale-to-print you can rearrange to what looks best. And in case you need to edit it’s easy. See this:

I miscalculated how long the crotch is so thank heavens for layers because otherwise it would be pain to add on the rest of her torso. By the way, this sketch is the fashion sketch figure: 9-head, so laying it out here is more for reference for the manufacturer and my prof.

Scaling the Prints for Sublimation

As you can see, unfortunately, I still didn’t add enough of her torso to cover the swimsuit but c’est la vie, there’s allowance anyway and it’s not like that area is obvious.

Another mistake and why you should scale first before making the print: Sandra’s hair got cut off :((

Also I forgot to add the necklines for these two oml

Another note: you can choose to keep those lines for when the suit is printed as a guide for the sewer but I wouldn’t– the lines are thicker irl, there’s no guarantee you scaled it properly so if it’s smaller than the actual pattern you’re dead, fabric sometimes shrinks during printing, and it’s just not necessary. Make sure you provide a guide lang.

Final Product


IMPORTANT NOTE: sublimation can fade and in the case of swimsuits it probably will. Mine still looked great but the color did fade a little bit because it’s stretch and I think we got the wrong fiber content.

Have fun!

Overdressed > underdressed

Can’t believe I’m reliving this memory.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our inappropriately-dressed moments, this is mine: The opening night of the Ramon Valera exhibit coincided with Filipiniana day in school. I was wearing a stripped wbebfiwufuhwe with a matching panuelo paired with dark grey jodhpur pants (that have wire buttons). Along with a woven basket bag and silver flats.

AKA: before the mess up. Also, the only decent photo I have of that day.

Now while dressing up for the exhibit I thought that it would be the same as the other exhibits I’ve gone to (mostly empty). Hence, I kept my top, replaced the panuelo with a necklace and changed into worn out jeans instead. I also kept my bag.

Lo and behold, the exhibit was chock full of people. Important, well dressed people. And I was wearing a 4 year old top with unraveling threads.

To further emphasise my point: even the people are art but I can’t post that here because privacy. This one girl was wearing pants wherein one pant leg was black while the other was printed denim and there were huge slits on the sides. Kinda 80’s but now. There was this other girl who was wearing this simple black dress with the most wicked shoulders: pointed upwards like demon horns and knee-length boots. She was sporting twin buns with pinkish-red streaks (Something I’m not usually a fan of because when you color your hair too much it looks dry as a dust bunny but she pulled it off).


So I took photos and caught her. I didn’t realise it was a dress.

The polo with lace sleeves under the black corset top was supposed to be white.

All of that gray stuff is supposed to be white actually. Whoops.

This was the first time I’ve ever been underdressed and overdressed is so much better – at least then you’re better looking than everyone else.

Or if you’re uncomfortable with standing out once overdressed – you’re going to stand out underdressed too.  At least when you dress too much you can edit: you can do so by adding a jacket, removing jewelry, lots of options. But making yourself look more extravagant? Good. luck.




P.S – had a similar experience? The opposite experience? Know of a way to change your outfit without reach of your closet? Comment. Especially on the last question. SOS.


Heellooo no one, greetings empty space, ola sin amigos!

For the first time, I helped in one of Bespoke’s debuts! And since I normally help with kiddie parties, I wanted to share  🙂

Behind the scenes: 


Lousy video that undermines the event pt. 1

Don’t let the terrible-ness of this photo stop you from scrolling down. I swear the photos get better.

Read on for details*
Here are the moments right before Jenna, our debutant, started the party:

This is super cool- it’s a Flip Book Booth. The subject/s move around while the camera takes a bunch of photos consecutively. The camera then makes it into a flip book. Like a Photo Booth, you can claim it in about 30 mins., give or take.

There was also a mini photoshoot of sorts (lousy video pt. 2):

The Event: 

(lousiest video pt. 3)

The program was also a lot of fun. The audience participated and everyone got a chance to play. The food was diverse with sushi, healthy foods (salad, etc.), not-so-healthy-foods (like these little bread sticks stuffed with chocolate, I don’t know what they’re called but they tasted like heaven’s homemade cookies), and a bunch of others.

For nostalgia’s sake: belt (market market), top (idk), skirt (idk)

On debuts we wear black. Well, during this debut anyway. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the others  😦 I received a surprising amount of complements on how I styled my belt so:

The bonus is basically; if you don’t have enough belt holes/eyelets, do the same as the original but skip the buckle.

*Debut gown: Veluz , Makeup & some of the photos here: Madge Lejano, Coordinator: Bespoke Manila, Stylist: Teddy Manuel, Set-up: Gideon Hermosa

For much, much, much (x1000000) better photos, just type in ‘#jennaturns18’ in Instagram, fb, etc. or search Happy Folks Studio in Instagram.

That’s the end of that  🙂